fbpx Marjan Sprock Veterinarian at West Coast Vets Greymouth
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Marjan Sprock

Upon completing her vet degree in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Marjan worked for four years over there. In 2003 she emigrated to New Zealand, commencing work in Murchison. After a dairy season she moved a bit southwards and she has resided in this beautiful part of the country ever since. Marjan is passionate about trying to improve overall performance on farm and interested in all things related to ruminants. Preventing diseases and/or problems through nutrition are her specialty. Currently Marjan is the only member of the NZARN (New Zealand Association of Ruminant Nutritionists) on the West Coast. Most often you can find her on farms working with cows, sheep and other farm animals. But small animals are not strange to her either! Outside work she enjoys the outdoors (tramping, mountain biking, sailing, fishing) with her other half Jim and two daughters